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Welcome To Korea

Korea occupies a mountainous peninsula extending 600 miles southward toward Japan from its borders with China and Russia. Its fishing waters are among the best in the world. Korea is known as “the Land of the Morning Calm”. Korean culture derives its beauty from nature and has maintained its unique, simple natural beauty through her long history of over 5,000 years. Modern-day Korea is a nation that has rebuilt itself from the devastation of war and has achieved an economic miracle in just 40 years, serving as a model for many developing nations. Its reputation as an attractive destination has been enhanced by hosting many major world events, including the Asian Games and World Cup in 2002. Korea welcomes visitors from around the world with its own unique hospitality and kindness.

About ERA In Korea

With comprehensive training programs and many innovative products and services, ERA Korea is a leader in bringing professionalism to the Korean real estate industry. Preferred Alliances with leading companies in related industries (including insurance, mortgage, moving and cleaning services) help the almost 100 ERA offices in Korea fulfill their commitment to being 1st in Service and Customer Satisfaction to consumers in Korea.

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