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Selamat Datang! Welcome To Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation, stretches 3,200 miles along the equator from the mainland of Asia to Australia, and is composed of over 13,000 islands — with legendary names like Java, Sumatra, Bali, Borneo, and Krakatoa. From the glass and steel skyscrapers of modern Jakarta to the thatched huts of Irian Jaya, Indonesia embraces an astonishing array of cultures and as many as 300 languages. Yet the motto of this land of diversity and contrasts is “Unity through Diversity”, emphasizing the ability to express multi-cultural beliefs while living in harmony. The landscape of the country is as diverse as its distinct ethnic groups, for above the vast cities, unspoiled beaches, lush forests and endless rice paddies loom volcanic mountains. The climate is tropical and, though its natural resources are among the richest in the world, over half the work force is still engaged in agriculture.

About ERA In Indonesia

As in other countries, ERA has introduced modern technology, effective marketing systems and professional training to the real estate industry in Indonesia. The 6,000 ERA Sales Associates are committed to the high standards of integrity and service embodied in the ERA Vision Statement. In addition, ERA Indonesia practices an ideal that is embodied in the words “Cepat, Aman, Nyaman, dan Simpatik”, which describes service that is quick, safe, hassle-free and understanding.

ERA Indonesia
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