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Your success is our business goals. With support, tools and training, our top priority is to support our broker in building and managing their business. We provide international network, business consulting, business planning, continuing education, cross borders opportunities, networking events and more.

Sample Analysis System


Sample Business Plan

The purpose of this sample business plan is to show how ERA Real Estate companies summarize operational and financial objectives for the near future and to show how they will be achieved. It serves as a ‘blueprint’ to guide company policies and strategies, and allow for modification as conditions change and new opportunities emerge.

Break-even Analysis

This form helps determine Break Even and Break Even + Profit values in three categories: Closed Sides, Sales Volume and Closed Sides per Sales Associate.

Executive Summary

Compares Gross Commission disbursements against benchmarks established by other Realogy franchisees. This form breaks the benchmarks into two categories: companies with under $2M and those with over $2M, in Gross Commission Income.

Inventory Analysis

Compare year-over-year listing inventory production with this Expiration Rate.

Market Study

This form compares production to the local MLS averages.

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